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To provide as many people interested in starting there own business | Working as a Affiliate | or building a website or blog, with the right tools & information with Affiliate Program Networks | Web Hosting Reseller Plans.

Here at Rare Affiliate we offer numerous Affiliate Networks |Programs, & Reseller Opportunities, to sign up, find different types of companies to become an Affiliate for and gain access to their products to promote and generate sales to earn commission for yourself & build a steady online income. Also Affiliated, Social Media, and Blogging Tips in order to consider being a successful Affiliate Marketer/Publisher, Blogger, or any kind of business brand. But you need to know where to start off first, and you came to the right place!

Getting started with affiliate marketing require a few things

*You need to know how to build an engaging website or blog to attract visitors | potential customers.
*Learn how to target the right audience and visitors by applying the most effective keywords, tags, and presenting yourself to related Blog, Forums, and etc...
*Sign up to the best Affiliate Networks/Programs, Re sellers, Opportunities, and offers for the best options to choose from.


To succeed at attracting a high volume of visitors that converts into engaging customers which would equal to most likely you generating a company sale, you would first have to catch the eyes of your visitors by building an well Engage/Content Website or Blog. There are numerous companies that Host Domains, Web Hosting Plans, & Website Builder programs to build the best website of your needs. But because we're RARE we offer our very own Domain Register to purchase a domain (which you would need in order to build your personal affiliate website or blog), WordPress Hosting or Web Hosting service to start off with either building a Blog or Personal Website. Both of these methods are simple, and easy to manage for beginners, intermediate, and advance people within this area and can be build within 5 mins, but I would recommend starting a blog with WordPress.

Now that you on your way toward building your Website or Blog, you need understand and know a few things that is very important. Anyone can whoop up a Website/Blog and publish it on the internet but the question is going to be (How well is that website presented?).

It's very important when you build your website that,
*You provide Unique Content
*The content of your page points toward what you promoting as a Affiliate/or what your offering to your visitors.
*Your website is as clean, well understand, and not tacky and hard to navigate.

If you do not following all of the above, any visitors that come to your website would be annoy, not interested or convince, they won't take your personal business seriously and that can cause you to lose potential customers. Any search engine that crawl your website or blog and index it on the internet is going to give you a low page rank. Pretty much with a low page rank, mostly likely your Website would not compete/show up in the top list for websites in the same category as you, it would result into little discovery of your Website or Blog and you would not attract the decent amount of visitors that is needed to generate a company sale.

If you think that you would need help creating/building well/unique content for your website we recommend Jeff Bullas Blog, one of the top influence leaders today and is very well at explaining how to build a legit Blog or Website to generate online income.


In order to reach out toward your visitor's and customers so there aware that either your website or blog business is there, you have to lead them through tunnel I call advertising. There's plenty of ways to advertise your business and make it noticeable, one of the newest technique people are using is Social Media Networks which is consider a free advertisement investment.


​Are well known to be listed as good Social Media Networks companies and cost no fee to create an account with any of the above. Another way people are using to advertise there affiliate business are (PPC) Pay Per Click and (SEO) Search Engine Optimization. Once again because we care and we are RARE we offer one of our own (SEO) Search Engine Optimization Plans which would allow you to 

​Improve search engine rankings with keyword and suggested topics tool
Increase traffic to your website with higher rankings
Easy, one-click website submission to Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and AOL®
Track progress with Top 10 SEO Checklist and ranking reports
Submit your website to numerous search engines and blog directory's and at the same time providing suggestions to better your website.
If you want to go this route for advertising we recommend this method starting as low as $1.84/mo.

Also you can register your website or blog with Google and Bing Web Master Tool for free and they would provide you with legit exclusive information to better your website | recommended if you willing to make an money investment into (SEO) is iNeedHits, a business advertising company, been serving 1 Million+ businesses since 1996 with there epic Search Marketing Solution.


Now that we reveal 2 of the most used methods in the affiliate marketing | making online incomw today, we're going to provide you with a few of legit Affiliate Networks, that are free to join and has over 1000+ companies that you can become a affiliate for along with Affiliate Programs, Opportunities, +more. Now its time to 

Find a sponsor for your web site. Get paid for your great content.

Free to join, become an Affiliate for any of the companies listed within the network.

This is a must and should be consider.

When picking companies to become an affiliate make sure you stay inside your website or blog subject lane.
For example if you want to promote a company website that provide domain hosting for there business, then what you're promoting has to act as an member of a family tree and relate to each other. So for example anything related to domain Hosting would ideally relate to, Web Hosting, Email marketing, Website Builders and etc... keep it in the family so when visitors come to your website not only would they be able to just register a domain, but also they would be offer related opportunities to add towards there purchase if interested. Always keep in mind that the more you connect your affiliate products the more successful you going to be at generating online income.

Continue to for Affiliate Opportunities, Offers, Programs, and more. Click Here or go to our Blog for more Info.

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